100 E-influencers will share their opinion
and recommendations on your product.

# Find out the Brand Advocacy program

Create your advocate community to amplify your digital branding.

Identify your fans
thanks to an engaging campaign.

Choose amongst your fans
100 E-influencers
who will become Official Tester of your brand.

100 E-influencers viralize
their experience on the web
and on their own network.

Part 1/3

Identify your fans

Your brand looks for
100 Official Testers.

An engaging campaign that creates impact and generates traffic

A qualified

PR + Own media + Earn media
+ Pay Media generate
a strong brand visibility
for a limited investment.

Part 2/3

Choose your 100 Official Testers

100 E-influencers among subscribers
are selected and become
your Official Testers.

Definition of the testing protocol
according to
the product.

Definition of the quantity
and the frequency of the testimonials.

At the end of the program,
each Official Tester
becomes product owner.

Part 3/3

Viralization of
feedback and testimonials

100 Official Testers
publish feedback and comments
coming from user’s experience with a high level of credibility.

High visibility of feedback
on the dedicated website
and on social media.

A qualitative Brand Content
and quantity to feed your social networks and websites.

Demultiply your digital presence
with your 100 ambassadors.

Case stories


International launch of its new motorbike tyre

France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

découvrez la vidéo Bridgestone

Garmin Caméra Virb

European launch (13 countries) of its new action camera

France, England, Germany, Italy, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, South Africa

découvrez la vidéo Garmin

Automower Husqvarna

Developing brand awareness of its new mower robot


New operation


Launch of the new vacuum cleaner


New operation


Challenger in connected watches

France, England, Germany

New operation

What does the study say ?

# Google /
Procter et Gamble

The new buying journey

Learn more

# Nielsen

Credibility and Media

Learn more

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Web Project Manager
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IT developer
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Web integrator
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Community manager
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Managing director
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Testeur Buzzeur
A Brand Advocacy program, keys in hand.
Developed by Drôle d’Agence SAS
Advertising Agency

#buzzfanz #divingfan

Testeur Buzzeur
A Brand Advocacy program, keys in hand.
Developed by Drôle d’Agence SAS
Advertising Agency

#buzzfanz #divingfan

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